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Google Pixel Tablets Charging Dock

TL; Dr.

  • The Google Pixel tablet dock may come in the box with the tablet.
  • The tablet may have 8GB of RAM and come in four colors.
  • We expect Google to launch the tablet at Google I/O on May 10.

Google claimed it was out of the tablet game a few years ago. However, it surprised us all at Google I/O 2022 by announcing that it was coming back with a new Pixel-branded Android tablet. Later, we found out that the tablet will do double duty as a smart display when connected to a speaker device.

Today, we discovered a lot more information about the new Pixel tablet (via 9 to 5 Google). More importantly, we’ve heard that the Google Pixel Tablet dock will come in the box with the tablet. This was one of the biggest questions we had about the device.

Of course, with the tablet and dock combo, this could mean the price of the pair would be a bit higher than we expected. So far, the Pixel Tablet’s specs, design and supposed capabilities present it as quite cheap. However, when you throw the dock into the mix, it can end up being quite expensive.

Outside of the basic Google Pixel Tablet information, we also saw some leaked specs. As expected, the Tensor G2 will be what powers the tablet, and that SoC could be paired with 8GB of RAM, if this new leak is to be believed. To no one’s surprise, Android 13 should be installed out of the box. This combination should make for great performance, as it’s pretty much what we see on the Google Pixel 7.

Other information 9 to 5 Google says it’s confirmed to be the leaked privacy switch we saw last week. In theory, this physical switch could turn off the microphone and camera whenever the user wants some privacy.

Finally, the Google Pixel tablet and dock could come in four colors. First, it’s a beige model with a white frame. There will also be a green model with a black frame. These two colors are indicated by Google itself, so they are practically guaranteed. Today’s rumors, however, suggest that there may be two other options, although we don’t know what they will be. We assume one would be a neutral grey/black, but the fourth could be almost anything.

We expect Google to launch the Pixel tablet at Google I/O on May 10. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to purchase the device anytime soon. It seems that a June availability date would be more likely.



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