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When Apple introduced Face ID in 2017 on the iPhone X running iOS 11, the company did away with the battery percentage in the status bar. The large notch that accommodated the front-facing camera for Face ID took up a lot of room and, evidently, there wasn’t enough room for the battery percentage next to the battery icon. Through iOS 15, iPhones with Face ID have been stuck with just a battery icon with a fill indicator to show the approximate battery percentage in the status bar. However, with the launch of iOS 16 this fall, the battery percentage is finally back.

In iOS 16, the battery percentage shows up within the battery icon on the status bar, solving the space issue. With the current version of iOS, iOS 16.1, the battery fill indicator is either white or black on a light gray icon with the numbers in a contrasting color. However, if the battery level falls to 20 percent, the battery fill is red, and if the low-power mode is on, the battery fill is yellow. When you plug in your iPhone to charge, the battery icon will have a fill indicator in red, yellow, or green to show the battery level, the battery percentage, and the charging icon.

Two screenshot of iOS 16.1.1 home screen showing the grayscale battery percentage in the top screen and the red low-power battery percentage in the bottom screen.

Screenshot of iOS 16.1.1 home screen showing battery percentage with charging in the upper right corner.

However, the battery percentage is not on by default. Here’s how to turn it on if you want to see it.

1. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and make sure your software has been updated to 16.1 (or higher).

2. Once you’ve updated to iOS 16.1 (or higher), go to Settings > Battery and turn on Battery Percentage.

iPhone 14 Pro battery settings screen battery percentage and low power mode turned on and showing battery percentage with yellow fill in status bar.

You should now see the battery percentage wherever you see the status bar, including the lock screen.

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[Image credit: Techlicious]

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