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Iowa Rolls Out Mobile ID to Businesses in 'Soft Launch'

Iowa’s Mobile ID app has entered a “soft launch” phase, initially available to businesses and selected groups to test its identity verification capabilities. The app is expected to be fully rolled out to the public in the coming month.

Acting as a contactless digital version of the State ID card or driver’s license, Mobile ID utilizes an encrypted QR code to share information with participating entities securely. Users have the option to choose what information they want to share through privacy settings, allowing them to verify certain attributes, such as age, without exposing sensitive data like their address or birthdate.

To register for Iowa Mobile ID, users upload a photo of their physical ID and take a selfie, which is verified through facial recognition technology. The app’s security is reinforced by PIN or biometric authentication, providing secure access to the mobile ID. Participating businesses will display an Iowa Mobile ID logo to indicate they accept the digital identity, ensuring a contactless and convenient verification process.

However, not all Iowa businesses currently support Mobile ID, prompting the Department of Transportation to emphasize that users should still carry their physical ID as a backup. The app will be available for Iowa residents with a valid, legible driver’s license or state-issued photo ID, running on iPhones with iOS 13 or newer, and Android phones with Android 7 or newer.

The rollout is the product of a longstanding effort. The Iowa Department of Transportation first began internal testing of its mobile driver’s license in late 2021, indicating at the time that it was aiming for a large-scale rollout the following summer. The Iowa DoT had enlisted the help of IDEMIA to build its mobile ID app, with the France-based conglomerate having announced that it had built a solution compliant with ISO/IEC DIS 18013-5 standards in early 2021.

Sources: WOWT, Iowa Department of Transportation

August 8, 2023 – by the Mobile ID World Editorial Team



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