iPhone 15 Pro ‘Action’ button to replace the role of volume buttons when performing a force shutdown / restart

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models will introduce a new combination of button presses to turn off and force restart the devices, according to an anonymous source who claims to be aware of details about the smartphones before launch.

On newer iPhone models like the iPhone 14, users currently turn off their device by pressing the Side button and volume buttons at the same time, while the same buttons are used in a different combination to perform a hard reset.

However, with the mute switch expected to be removed in favor of a potentially customizable Action button, this new bottom button will take over the role of the volume buttons when powering down/resetting iPhone 15 Pro models, according to the whistleblower who goes from the Twitter handle @analyst941.

“The volume up and power buttons will no longer be used to turn off the device or ‘force restart’ it,” the leaker claimed in a I tweet. “The sequence remains, but the combination will be changed to the action and power button.”

In one follow up tweetthe leaker also claimed that the Action button will replace the volume up button for taking photos in the Camera app, with force sensitivity that enables a light press to automatically focus the camera, a hard press to take a photo and a hard/long press to record video.

At this point, it’s important to take the second claim about Force Touch’s sensitive functions with a grain of salt. Several other sources have indicated that Apple has encountered technical issues with the capacitive buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro models and will now delay them for a later version of the iPhone. For what it’s worth, @analyst941, who has been the source of the previous accurate pre-launch information, disputes this claim and believes they are still coming to the iPhone 15 Pro.

A unified volume button was also a planned design for the solid-state technology, but Apple is reportedly deciding to stick with the current design now that solid-state buttons have been delayed.

For more on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, we have a dedicated iPhone 15 Pro review that summarizes everything we’ve heard so far, and we also have a separate iPhone 15 review that gives a better idea of ​​the changes between Pro and non-Pro models.


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