Oppo beefed up its smartphone lineup with new wearables and health monitoring devices, which were unveiled alongside a Bluetooth audio chip aimed at sound quality improvements.

The retailer said the collection is part of a broader commitment to invest in smart entertainment, productivity, healthcare and learning.

Oppo’s Air Glass 2 wearable offers real-time translation services, GPS navigation and voice-to-text conversion to support hearing-impaired users, along with essential features such as phone calls.

The seller claimed a lightweight “robust design” with the Air Glass 2 weighing in at 38 grams.

Oppo’s OHealth H1 expands its range of smart healthcare products, using algorithms and data monitoring functions to measure “blood oxygen, ECG, heart and lung auscultation, heart rate, body temperature and tracking sleep”.

It weighs 95 grams and a circular design according to Oppo offers ergonomic benefits.

Oppo’s MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio SoC is the second in its line of chips: it aims for improvements in digital sound quality for headphones and wireless headphones.

The company said the new devices will “open up new possibilities in connected smart experiences”, although it did not provide details on commercial launch dates.

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