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By charging phones, the power pod has saved the day for millions of people. You can benefit too. Find out how.

Due to the lack of charging options, you may occasionally find yourself stranded in a remote location with a dead phone. Left with no options, you become frustrated and at a loss as to what to do. The Power Pod charger has helped millions. You can always use this little device to charge your phone without worry.


Power pod is a small 800 mAh emergency charger for smartphones and tablets. It is designed to work with all Apple (iPhone) and Android mobile phones, even tablets. The Power Pod’s built-in high-speed micro charger provides instant power with hours of battery life,

All devices can be charged wirelessly without cables using the Power pod, a portable mobile device charger. You can easily take this device when it is attached to your key ring because it is quite portable. It doesn’t download fast and can charge your phone fast.

It has a waterproof rubberized shell that fully protects the Power Pod. If the device falls from a height, the cover avoids the impact and protects it from damage. This cover also helps you keep a firm grip on your Power Pod, which reduces the likelihood of frequent drops.
Additionally, the Power Pod is rechargeable, allowing for repeated use.

How does it work?

The Power Pod is designed to quickly and reliably transmit stable power to the connected device. Insert directly into your device; no ropes required. After charging the device, the power supply may take 1-2 hours, depending on the usage of the device.

The charger has a cord that can recharge the battery when it is discharged. The charging indicator will be visible once the charging process starts. It charges for approximately 90 minutes, and then the LED stops flashing, which means the battery is fully charged.

The product can last a decade with a retailer if not purchased. If you follow the charging instructions exactly, the battery life should be 10 years. Battery life can last more than 10 years if not used and not charged.


Provides hours of instant energy

The Power Pod has a long battery life when fully charged. Your phone can connect to the pod as you pass.

Durable device: It is made using durable parts that last for a very long time.

Rechargeable: You can recharge this device as often as possible throughout its lifetime, whenever its power capacity of two or more hours is depleted.

Connects directly to a smartphone: No matter what smartphone or tablet you use, this device can be plugged directly into the charging port where you normally plug a charger. Therefore, you will not need a cable to charge your tablet or smartphone.

Small Size: This charger is small and compact. It won’t be a problem to take it with you when you move. Each of them has a hole that you can attach to a key chain or a chain.

Durable Rubberized Cover: A tough rubberized cover completely encloses the Power Pod. If the device falls from a height, the cover avoids the impact and protects it from damage. This cover also helps you keep a firm grip on your Power Pod, which reduces the likelihood of frequent drops.

It comes in two types: You can choose the one you will prefer. One can be used with any Android phone, but the other is designed to work with Apple devices.


Work efficiency

It helps you to be efficient in what you do. Because there’s a constant power supply on your phone, you can catch up on Amy’s work emails, texts or phone calls as often as possible. You’ll also be able to use any app you’d normally use on your phone with the power pod’s capacity to run tasks.

Perfect in an emergency

If you find yourself in an emergency situation and find that your phone is dead, the power pod comes in handy to save you from such a situation. Plug in your Power Pod to restart.


The Power pod mobile charger is not expensive and won’t strain your finances. This is only what an ordinary person can afford.

Compatible with different types of phones

Works well with many phone models, both island Android models, which include OnePlus, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Google, ZTE, Xiaomi, Alcatel, Sony, Samsung, etc.

With battery

You have the option to recharge your charging device as many times as you want until its maximum capacity of at least two hours is reached. To achieve this, you must use the included USB cable to connect the charging device.


It is easy to carry.


It is only compatible with some mobile phones. Therefore, before buying one, verify whether it is compatible with your smartphone on the official website.
One risks developing a mobile phone addiction due to the availability of an unlimited supply of electricity.

For a smooth and reliable transaction, it is suggested that potential customers shop on the company’s website.

What comes with the Power pod?

The Power Pod comes with a USB cable and a key ring. The Power Pod must be recharged using the cable after use.

Where to buy a Power Pod

It is safer to buy from the official website. Nowadays, there are many scam websites online, so it is preferable to buy from a reliable source. Buying directly from the manufacturer ensures the legitimacy of your transaction.

Use any acceptable payment option. Your credit card information is always protected. Power pod manufacturers make sure you have the privacy you need.

Return Policy

The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to customers. But for a customer to enjoy this, they need to buy the power charger from the official website.


The advantages of this power charger cannot be overstated. Buying this device will only make things more convenient for you. Why not visit the official website and make a purchase?


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