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Snap better shots no matter the light situation when you have the SANDMARC Drama Polarizer Filter for iPhone 14 series. This gadget acts as a polarized sunglass for your phone, meaning that it helps suppress surface glare. With this, you will be able to take dynamic landscape photography. Not only that, but you can also darken skies and manage reflections. Offering multi-coated antireflective glass, it has an aluminum frame and light weight of 0.63 ounces. Compatible with SANDMARC iPhone cases, it attaches with ease when you use a Step-up Ring. Moreover, it also works with SANDMARC Telephoto, Anamorphic, and Wide Lenses. This wide range of compatibility is thanks to its patented universal clip-on mount. Finally, it not only works with the entire iPhone 14 series but also all previous iPhones and many Android phones.