SIGHTER: A Revolutionary Mobile App Empowering Global Citizens in UFO/UAP Study

A first populist tool of its kind, SIGHTER aims to engage users worldwide in active participation and make collected UAP data available to researchers.

FLORENCE, OR, USA, June 10, 2023 / — Introducing Sighter: A Revolutionary Mobile App Empowering Global Citizens in UFO/UAP Study

Today, we’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of SIGHTER, an innovative mobile app designed to revolutionize the collection of crowdsourced visual data and metadata for the study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). Developed by a small startup team and designed as a first-of-its-kind populist and accessible UAP data capture tool, SIGHTER aims to engage users worldwide in active participation in UFO/UAP sightings by curating and make the collected data available to Requesters.

Over a year since its conception, SIGHTER is now set to launch in August 2023, marking an important milestone in the field of UAP research. This innovative mobile application will empower individuals to contribute to the study of UAP in an unprecedented way, harnessing the power of their smartphones.

SIGHTER moves away from traditional UAP data collection methods by leveraging the widespread availability of smartphone technology, an approach advocated by Dr. David Spergel, chairman of NASA’s recently formed UAP Independent Study Team. Almost everyone has a smartphone, carrying it with them 24/7, making it the perfect instrument to capture real-time UAP observations.

Once an initial user detects a UAP, the SIGHTER application uses live location to locate and alert other users in the vicinity of the sighting and direct them to the exact location of the UAP for additional data capture in a process that Sighter calls it “swarming”.

Through a multi-step, multi-user data capture model, SIGHTER will empower users to effortlessly contribute valuable data. And not just photos. SIGHTER captures key metadata and tracks UAP movement with GPS and compass. Additional metadata is derived or calculated after automatic loading and is attached to the view data in post-view reviews.

The app’s operating model focuses on expanding a global network of observers, working alongside a smaller number of high-tech detection devices. Rather than replacing existing technologies, SIGHTER will complement them, enriching the dataset by including different geographic coverage and perspectives. By encouraging users to actively participate in reporting UAP sightings, SIGHTER aims to raise awareness and reduce the longstanding stigma associated with such reports.

One of the main features of SIGHTER is the complete anonymity it offers users. The visual data and metadata collected by SIGHTER users will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, allowing individuals to report their sightings without fear or hesitation.

SIGHTER has been meticulously designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone. By automating the collection of crowd-sourced UAP viewing data, the app will enable anyone who can use a smartphone camera to contribute to the study. With SIGHTER, citizen scientists and enthusiasts can play an active role in expanding the knowledge base surrounding UAP.

“We believe that increasing the number of observation points is essential to our mission,” said David Coy, Founder, at SIGHTER. “By including different observation points around the world, we can reach a wider field of data, facilitating the identification of possible patterns, regional variations, cultural biases and other variables related to UAP sightings. Sighter strives to collect a comprehensive database that will contribute to more powerful analyzes and insights. Our ultimate goal is to have a large number of observers across the globe using the same tool and data capture methods.”

SIGHTER is poised to revolutionize the field of UAP research by popularizing the collection of visual and meta data. By empowering individuals to actively participate and contribute, SIGHTER aims to unlock new perspectives, deepen scientific understanding and foster global collaboration.

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About SIGHTER: SIGHTER is a revolutionary mobile application developed for gathering crowd-sourced visual data and metadata on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). By engaging users worldwide and making collected data available to researchers, SIGHTER aims to expand knowledge, raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with reporting UAP sightings. With its user-friendly interface and complete anonymity, SIGHTER empowers global citizens to actively contribute to the study of UAP, ultimately driving advances in scientific research.

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