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Building off of the success of the Revvl 6, T-Mobile is looking to expand its lineup of budget options for customers. That includes adding a new generation of T-Mobile devices under the Revvl namesake – 6x and 6x Pro – alongside a new Android tablet.

The Revvl series is a T-Mobile exclusive, manufactured by the carrier itself. The device name is synonymous with budget, and the Revvl 6 proved that point well. It carried itself well for the price, with a decent camera and great battery life, though the performance was lacking due to the lower-end internals it packed.

This year, T-Mobile is going at it again with a lineup refresh that somewhat mirrors the previous renditions. The Revvl 6x and 6x Pro are T-Mobile’s new smartphone additions. The Revvl 6x, as you would expect, is the least impressive of the two, sporting a 6.52-inch 720p display and a MediaTek Dimensity 700 – the same processor used on the Revvl 6 Pro.

The Revvl 6x Pro will house slightly better internals. It uses the same SoC but with an extra 2GB of RAM at 6GB total. Each device has a 50MP main sensor with the 6x Pro utilizing a 5MP ultrawide setup. The 6x Pro also has 5,000mAh – 500mAh increase over the 6x. The 6x Pro also has a 720p display, though the screen is a little larger at 6.82-inches.

The third product drop from the carrier is a new Revvl Tab 5G, which comes in at a staggering $199. It’s run by Android 13 and holds a 7,040mAh battery to give it enough juice for whatever you may need it for. The display comes in at 10.36-inches and has a resolution of 1200 x 2000.

Each Revvl 6x device and Tab are available via T-Mobile’s storefront and comes with low payments or free when paired with certain plans. At full price, the Revvl series is a nice budget lineup that comes in inexpensive but offers a surprisingly pleasant experience. We haven’t tried the newest 6x or 6x Pro out, though likely won’t be a far cry from the previous generation.

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