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Tech5 has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for contactless fingerprint capture and biometric liveness detection on a standard mobile device.

The patent for “Contactless fingerprint capture using artificial intelligence and image processing on integrated camera systems” (11721120) describes a series of machine learning algorithms based on neural networks, which detect the fingers, which side of the hand is being held up to the camera, and generate fixed-length fingerprint templates for biometric matching. A 3D depth map of the fingerprints is created, which delivers a resolution of 500 dpi and eliminates distortions in the image caused by the curvature of the fingers.

The system can be used for contactless-to-contactless fingerprint matching or contact-to-contactless matching, the patent document states. Tech5 also says the algorithms meet interoperability standards, and can be used for both enrollment and authentication.

The patent protects the technology used in the T5-AirSnap Finger software, according to the announcement.

“Our expert R&D team is committed to advancing contactless fingerprint capture and liveness detection, integral to critical applications such as national enrollments, law enforcement, eKYC, and decentralized digital ID,” comments Tech5 Co-founder, Chairman and CTO Rahul Parthe. “We take pride in leading the way in this exciting new field of research.”

Tech5 took both first and second place in the LivDet 2023 competition for contactless fingerprint software in June.

Parthe and other executives with Tech5 broke down the company’s vision, and how contactless biometrics capture fits into it, in an interview with Biometric Update earlier this year.

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