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Apple’s upcoming watchOS 10 software update will be the biggest since the first Apple Watch launched in 2015.

That’s the latest from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, hinting in their Power On newsletter that the 2023 installment of watchOS will offer “bigger improvements” than other product areas, such as iOS and iPadOS.

According to Gurman’s unnamed source, it will be the most substantial update since the introduction of the first version of the software.

No new features have been checked by name, although the report once again includes the idea of ​​an updated user interface – something that was first reported earlier this month.

It also doubles down on another previous suggestion that the focus this year will be on software due to the minimal hardware changes offered through the Apple Watch Series 9.

With the Apple Watch Ultra 2 not due until 2024, too, it’s shaping up to be a pretty big year for the software, with the big reveal set for WWDC in early June.

After the initial announcement, the first beta should be made available to members of the Apple Developer Program soon after.

Then we should see the first public beta released around July before the final rollout in September as usual.

Of course, these rather vague bits of information mean it remains a bit of a mystery what we’ll actually see debut via watchOS 10.

We’d like to see a refreshed focus on fitness tracking, the inclusion of recovery insights, and perhaps even more independence from the iPhone, but the idea of ​​a refreshed interface is also appealing.

Expect to hear more rumors and whispers between now and WWDC, but until then, stay tuned.

Conor Allison

from Conor Allison

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