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DOVER, Del.– Westside Family Healthcare said they’ll be able to serve even more people with the $125,000 renovation of their mobile healthcare unit.

Tuesday, the team at Westside Family Healthcare cut the ribbon to a mobile clinic that interim chief operating officer John Hundley said is old to them, but new to the community.

‘The significant investment was the upgrade to the generators that run the mobile health unit,” Hundley said. “It powers all of the electrical needs of the site and the internet access and that was pretty significant.”

Nurse practitioner Joseph Mitchelle said the new outside design creates a more welcoming environment for the unit.

“The biggest change is the beautiful exterior that’s been added to it that aligns with our mission,” Mitchelle said. “I think t this really highlights to the people that we serve what we’re there to do and the population we’re trying to reach.”

Westside has been serving communities throughout Delaware in its mobile unit for 11 years. President of the organization Chris Fraser said their goal is to meet people right where they are, which means bridging the gap between farmers and healthcare, making it more easily accessible to the essential workers.

“When our team goes out and connects with the workers who are out there on the farms, it’s really an amazing and beautiful thing and people are seeing their health improve and their lives change,” Fraser said. “I think at the end of the day, people care about them, and that’s an amazing and exciting thing that we get to do.”

Fraser hopes that with the upgraded mobile unit, they’ll leave a lasting impact on the communities that need their help the most.

“The impact is really amazing,” Fraser said. “I think we’re here living out our mission to bring quality healthcare to everyone and making sure that they have access to that care.”