What new feature do you want to see in watchOS 10?

Apple will announce several software updates in June at WWDC 2023. And while expectations for iOS 17 and macOS 14 are a bit low, recent reports suggest that the company will pay close attention to watchOS 10 — the next big update for Apple Watch operating system. Now we want to know what exactly our readers expect about watchOS 10.

Here’s what the rumors say about watchOS 10

The first WatchOS was unveiled in 2014 alongside the announcement of the first Apple Watch. Since then, Apple has added a number of new features to the Apple Watch. However, the interface has remained pretty much the same since then.

But the hardware of the Apple Watch has also evolved a lot. Now with faster processors, more sensors and bigger screens, Apple seems to want to revamp watchOS to take advantage of all these improvements. At this point, it’s still a bit unclear how exactly the company will do this, but some recent reports give us a clue.

Earlier this month, of Bloomberg Mark Gurman said that watchOS 10 will bring “significant changes” to the Apple Watch user interface. In his latest newsletter on Sunday, Gurman said once again that watchOS 10 will be a big improvement. According to the journalist, the software will come with “bigger improvements”.

Since the next-generation Apple Watch won’t have any major new features, Apple engineers are said to be focused on adding new software features to watchOS.

The watchOS update will tell you most of what you need to know about the Apple Watch in 2023. That’s because hardware changes are expected to be minimal, so improving the operating system will be the focus.

watchOS Apple Watch

What new features can we expect for watchOS 10?

There are certainly plenty of new features the company could add to watchOS, but it seems the focus right now is on a new user interface — which has remained virtually untouched since watchOS 1. For users with the larger Apple Watch 45 mm and Apple Watch Ultra, it is noted that the system can be better optimized for these screen sizes.

There’s also the watchOS home screen. Apple’s first watch came with a grid view for apps so users could freely browse the icons of all installed apps. However, some users found it confusing and difficult to quickly find specific apps. Although the grid view is still there, Apple has added a new list view with watchOS 8, which is now the default view when you set up an Apple Watch as new.

It’s plausible to imagine that watchOS 10 will have a new home screen. Recently, a concept created by Parker Ortolani shows what it would look like if watchOS 10 had live widgets and activities.

The new OS 10 watch concept

With all that in mind, what new feature would you most like to see in watchOS 10? Let us know your thoughts in the poll below and also in the comments section.

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