Microsoft’s Phone Link app on Windows is getting the ability to stream Android audio, just like how Macs can act as an Airplay receiver for iPhones.

The Phone Link app on Windows is getting an interesting new feature soon. Similar to the ability to use your Mac device as an Airplay receiver for an iOS device, it’ll soon be possible for you to stream your Android phone’s audio over to Windows 11 with Phone Link.

Microsoft has yet to talk about this ability, but the Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia recently showcased a screenshot of how it will work. You’ll see the suggestion to change the device you’d like to stream your audio from in Phone Link’s settings. Then, once enabled, this will let you see and hear things shared from your Android-powered device.

According to some Windows users in Aggiornamenti Lumia’s Twitter thread, the feature is apparently in testing right now with select Windows Insiders who are enrolled in the Beta Channel. We have yet to see it here on our end, but it is possible that this could be a feature exclusive to Samsung phones. The Phone Link screenshot shows an “Apps” section, which only select Samsung phones (or the Surface Duo) will display when connected to Phone Link. Some Windows Insiders also report that they’ve had the feature for a while, but could not get it to work.

This isn’t the only feature coming to Phone Link, though. Aggiornamenti Lumia also showed off a Continuity Browser History feature for Phone Hub that’ll let you share browsing history between Android and Windows. Unfortunately, this looks to be exclusive to Samsung devices, just like the recently announced ability to instantly get internet on your PC using your Samsung phone as a hotspot.

No word yet on when Microsoft plans to roll out either of these features to everyone outside of the Windows Insider Program. But seeing as though Intel recently announced its own Phone Link competitor for Windows, known as Unison, it’s no wonder why Microsoft is looking to pack its own app with critical features like these.

Sources: Aggiornamenti Lumia (1 & 2)

Via: Winbuzzer

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