Wreckfest makes crash landing onto Mobile phones

Wreckfest Mobile now available in Android and Apple App store

Complete chaos in the palm of your hand. Wreckfest Mobile is finally available to Android and Apple users.

It’s time to get wreck-less on the go.

As promised, the smash-hit racing game is now available in the tiniest of playgrounds, right in the palm of your hand. That’s right. As highly anticipated, Wreckfest Mobile is finally here.

Back in August, HandyGames gave us a little taste of portable chaos on a Samsung S22 Ultra and honestly, we haven’t stopped drooling since. The game isn’t scaled down to cell phone quality. In fact, it exists in all its glory – just like the PC and console version. Loading times are heavenly. And visually, the 60 frames per second are absolutely stunning.

Details matter when it comes to elite racing games. So, to package up a collision-filled racer into a version that is completely playable from the comfort of just about anywhere—and on a device typically used to scroll social media and send risky “You up?” texts—is not only impressive, but also a glimpse of what we hope to see more of in the future.

Wreckfest Mobile is everything you want in a portable version and more
Wreckfest Mobile is everything you want in a portable version and more

If you’ve yet to dive into the smashing game, expect epic customization, including beautiful body armour, weights to control handling and robust tanks for rocket speed that will take you to the moon in Career, Challenge and Multiplayer modes, all accessible on mobile, too.

Now, of course this sensational drop will cost you. But you won’t be breaking the bank in the App store, thankfully. Android users can purchase Wreckfest Mobile for $9.99/€9.99, with Apple listing the game for $9.99/€11.99.

Drive hard. Die last. And do it all on Mobile.



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