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PS5 PlayStation 5 Doubt Sony 1
Image: Push Square

As the disappointing fall from Sony continues PS display Some of the rumor mills who were talking about the event earlier this week are out to save face. “There’s been a few trailers and things I’ve seen that weren’t at the event that I expected to be there, so it’s amazing to see just what we’ve seen,” said Tom Henderson, who actually announced the presence of the platform’s Remote Play handheld Project Q. He said he had seen the trailers, but Henderson didn’t. what They were.

So what’s going on? Well, some fans think about the future Summer play festival While it may have more unique content, showrunner Geoff Quigley’s strong relationship with Neil Druckman and Hideo Kojima makes The Last of Us and Death 2 an option. We cannot personally examine it. why? Sonny forgets. His own An event that favors a neutral party, but we guess we can’t completely rule out the possibility until the curtain closes on the said show.

Another idea is the Japanese giant can Have a second PS Showcase of the year. This is certainly not impossible: in the old days, he would organize press conferences. E3, GamescomAnd many other conventions, so the second live broadcast It is not a stretch. In fact, even in the PS5’s inaugural year, it had two separate events to showcase the system’s upcoming software.

But all this makes us like Copium! As we know, Sony hasn’t revealed anything from first-party studios this week, so it clearly has more to offer. At some point. But it’s almost impossible to predict his style these days: even if you think you know what he’s going to do, emerging as a headliner during a proper live broadcast for the first time in over 18 months, he does the opposite.

Still if these insiders really they have With trailers for various upcoming unannounced games, it would be interesting to at least know their names. Maybe we’ll get a follow-up from Henderson in time…