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For years, Lego and Nintendo fans have dreamed about one The Legend of Zelda– A theme collection is being released. And the years that seemed like it could never happenUntil Lego and Nintendo started working together Mario Groups and people maybe, maybe maybe, Zelda It was next. Now, after last year’s evidence that such a collection was in operation, a Zelda– A themed Lego set seems to have leaked through a private consumer survey and people are very excited.

Come back in the summer of 2020Lego and Nintendo began to release MarioLEGO play sets featuring iconic characters and enemies from the popular platformer franchise. Nintendo and Lego continue this partnership. A bricked NES and TV set later that year. Then in 2021 More Mario– Theme collections are released And they released Nintendo and Lego Big Super Mario 64 block set. in 2022 Release a giant Lego Bowser. The partnership between the two giants seems to be a success, so it makes sense that both want the gravy train rolling with a new collection. The Legend of Zelda Franchise.

According to the Lego news site PromoBricksIt looks like a whole bunch of people spilled over a survey that someone took part in. The guy shouldn’t have shared the collections included in the survey online, but well, here we are. And one of the survey sets is a The Legend of Zelda Deku playset. You can see pictures of the Lego set that they allegedly cracked on Reddit..

As seen in Ocarina of Time on the N64, a young Link sits in front of the Great Deku Tree.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
Screenshot: Nintendo

Obviously, the The great Deku tree It will be a two-pack-in-one, allowing fans to choose both Ocarina of Time Appearance or how it looks Breath of the Wild. Reportedly included in the set are minifigs with medium legs and inspired by the green suit. Ocarina of Time Look and link and Zelda With standard minifig legs, both based on theirs Breath of the Wild Appearances. Breath of the Wild version of the set is a leftover piece that allows you to build a bricked version of Hetsu.. according to PromoBricksThe collection includes 1,920 total pieces and retails between $200 and $325.

Another evidence that confirms the release of A Zelda The collection came back in November last year. It was around that time Zelda And Nintendo fans know that Lego banned people from supplying new Lego Idea sets accordingly. The Legend of Zelda. The official website cited a “licensing conflict” that prompted some to question whether Nintendo and Lego had their own. Zelda It is prepared in the work. And now it looks like they did.

Of course, even if this survey seems true, it’s worth noting that any publicly released sets will likely never see the light of day, even if the set itself is legitimate. Lego is always working on different sets and themes and not every planned creation is released. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Perhaps such a collection can be released together The tears of the kingdomAt the end of this year…


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