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Lara Croft is very nervous about something.

Screenshot: Crystal Dynamics / Kotaku

To really kick things up a notch, it’s been announced that Amazon Games is set to publish the next one. Tomb Raider Game. Following Square Enix Retreat from the West Frontand the crystal dynamics of both the developer and the Tomb Raider It was unclear what Lara’s next adventures would hold in the five years since her last exit. Even if we don’t know much now, we know.

In a press release from both Amazon Games and Crystal Dynamics, the newlyweds announced a multi-platform game deal for Mr. Bezos and company to publish globally.

Now, it’s not news that it should be new. Tomb RaiderAt least because Of course there is. But also because we learned at the beginning of this year Crystal Dynamics (CD) plans to develop it using Unreal Engine 5. However, this was revealed a month ago Square Enix’s surprising decision To sell most of its non-Japanese assets to the Embracer Group, which itself includes Crystal Dynamics, with everything confidential except under conditions that are confidential to anyone.

As the dust settles, Amazon looks set to claim a much bigger prize and finally have a title in its gaming collection that everyone will be listening to. It’s also an opportunity for Crystal Dynamics to try to regain lost ground. It’s going on. slo-mo View of of so true Empty Marvel’s Avengers to become Drive to the bridge.

as if Very press releaseEveryone involved says they’re thrilled to be working on such a gloriously fun property, but there’s mostly a big “PHEW!” in the offices of both companies. I think it was. Sounds. While Amazon Games offers a couple of interesting MMOs, Bandai Namco’s is the only one they’ve had so far. Blue protocol To be proud of next year, and that’s not a name your aunt heard. Tomb Raider It ultimately puts the printer on the map.

We don’t know anything about the new one. Tomb Raider, not even his name. Today’s announcement calls it a “single-player, narrative-driven adventure,” which doesn’t tell us much, but instead describes Lara Croft as “multidimensional.” If you don’t count resurrection, this is a power I’ve never seen her use before.

Four years have passed Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and given how early this new game clearly is (we haven’t seen concept art yet), it looks like this follow-up could break the record among entries in the franchise. The last of the longest running trilogy of the series (Fight Me) was at the end of 2008. undergroundand one of the worst entriesA 2013 reboot called The Awful, Stupid Tomb Raider. We’ll see this announced for March 2024 and I predict a November release of that year.




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