Four Pokemon Trainers are standing in the Terra Invasion Cave in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Screenshot: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku

Terra invaded Pokemon Scarlet And Violet It’s a team-based affair, and part of that teamwork is the fun of using unique commands for these four-player boss battles scattered across the games’ Paldia region. However, in my experience grouping with Randos online, I often found myself being the only cheerleader in the group as my teammates continued to take damage. This led to some crushing sweeps in high level raids. Although very common, this damage-only playstyle is not sustainable. Let’s talk about why shouts are important and why a highly offensive player should use them.

Grab your megaphone

Terra raids give you three different cheer abilities, and each player can only boost three times per raid. Raid teams have four players, so that 12 cheer has a huge advantage.. The three types of cheer are “Go all out!” They say, which triggers attacks and special attacks for the team, “Be strong! “Heal!”, which gives everyone a respectable health regeneration Terra raids are built around stat changes and pushing and your enemy building defenses, all while the timer ticks down until your team exits the Terra raid boss cave. Understanding how happiness can help you make the most of your limited time is critical to success in the tough battles with limited resources. Just like the Charizard event that happened later this week.

“Get them all out!” and “Be strong!” It’s good to use right out of the gate as it allows your team to hit harder and defend against more powerful attacks from the invading boss. Since raids don’t allow healing items, that survival opens up more windows for players to “heal!” Certain Pokemon can use attacks like Heal Pulse to heal teammates during these battles, “Heal!” It’s your main form of healing in raids, and it has a team-wide effect that can give everyone a turn or two before they’re in danger again.

The stat-based combat comes from the ability of Terra Raid bosses to constantly destroy everyone’s stat buffs. So, that “go all out!” The first use of and “Be strong!” It only gives you a short window of extra attack and defense. But Terra Raids is all about soft resets and re-applying perks, which is why Scream can’t be down to just one player. Each player gets only three advantages in the fight, so a team of four must rotate the responsibility of happiness. That’s not three of each cheer, three cheers, period.

A team of Heracross, Belybolt, Raichu, and Dundunspars face off against a Terrastalized Closter in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

My Raichu is well-suited for dealing heavy damage to this cloister, but I’ll still happily support my team with my time.
Screenshot: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku

Time is money.

This is the biggest issue I’ve had when collecting online for high level raids. If I’m not on a Discord call with my friends, I’m often faced with three people who don’t want to switch from the attack menu to the fun, which puts me in a support role, even though my Pokémon of choice is doing the most damage to the team. I’m more than happy to throw heals and buffs, but as the raid progresses the boss raises more powerful defenses, often leaving myself to stop damage and heal all three of my joys at once. Keep my teammates on the field because they refuse to do it themselves.

More than a waste of resources, it is a waste of precious time that anyone should spend some time enjoying. Coordinating attacks and team composition is important, but making the most of your limited time during raids can be the key to success. Every time a team member falls in battle, the raid clock is stopped for a number of times, and if a single player gets stuck doing all the healing, they’re limited to a cooldown and three total uses. When the raid boss unleashes powerful attacks in between heals, a snowball can (and inevitably will) miss a team member, costing them a raid time penalty and many more precious seconds to respawn.

Smart teams can avoid this risk of failure by maintaining awareness of each party member’s health and prioritizing the crowd accordingly. Healing will be more readily available throughout the struggle if the responsibility for unhappiness does not fall on one person. Everyone who enters at the optimal time to contribute to the euphoria avoids cooldowns and has better euphoria throughout the raid.

A lot of Terra raids are about thinking on your feet and being under pressure, and knowing when to boost to make the most of your turn is a good club to have in your bag. They can also be a good option to attack with a pinch, a shout, and when your Pokemon is damaged in situations like sleep or confusion. In regular battles, powering up in these weak situations can sometimes be useful, as Pokémon can wake up or break out of their stupor and attack normally.

But in heavy raids it’s money, and if you can get more value from each side, your team’s position in the battle will be better for it. When my Pokemon gets confused, I take this time to have a cheer or two instead of hurting myself and losing valuable time. Doing so helped turn the tide of the battle, saving me precious seconds that would otherwise have been wasted if my Pokemon had hurt themselves.

A Pokemon trainer cheers on his teammates in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Even a high damage dealer isn’t doing their part if they don’t take turns enjoying it.
Screenshot: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku

Now we are all supportive

Ultimately, using your shouts won’t be as much fun as countering a super-effective attack, but they’re so fundamental to success in high-level raids that applying them makes them almost impossible to win if not a team-wide effort. So if you are signing Pokemon Scarlet And Violet And join raids online, start using your sense of excitement, and you’ll quickly see how your team can weather the storm and come out victorious on the other side. You and your team will be glad you did.


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